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The Holloman Education services include: Counseling for: higher education, MilTA, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), AF COOL, credit by exams, Air Force commissioning programs, GI Bill and more...

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596 Fourth Street Bldg. 224 Suite 213

Mon - Thu: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Closed Federal Holidays and Family Days



Call (575) 572-3971

Testing Control Manager (TCO)

Keith Hingel



Provides Services: TCO In/Out Processing

Test Scheduling


Formal Training Manager

Joyce Shannon



Provides Services: Formal Training Allocation/TDY Processing

SEJIME Update (email Certificate)


Base Training Manager AETC

TSgt Cerameau



Provides Services: Career Development Course Enrollment (CDC Testing)


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Testing)

Daniel Groshart, NF-IV, USAF

Manager, Holloman Aero Club

DSN – 572-3752

Comm – 575-572-3752


Provides Services: FAA Testing

More Information:



Skill Bridge

The SkillBridge Program provides eligible transitioning Airmen (officer and enlisted) opportunities to develop their career skills through civilian on-the-job training, employment skills training, apprenticeships, and internships to help them prepare to transition from military to civilian employment. SKB training must lead to a high probability of civilian employment.  To assist members with searching for approved training programs, https://dodskillbridge.usalearning.gov/ contains authorized SKB partners with signed Department of Defense Memoranda of Understanding (DoD MoU) and a location map identifying cohort training locations near military installations. 

College Library

CCAF Transcripts

Ordering Options   

CCAF provides several options for ordering your official transcript as detailed below. Note we do not have the ability to send transcripts electronically at this time. All official transcripts are hard copy.

Option 1: Free online order from CCAF

You may order an official transcript, printed and mailed to the address of your choice, using CCAF's transcript order form. Keep this processing time in mind if you have a deadline for enrollment, registration, job application, etc. If you are on a deadline you may consider paying for delivery via FedEx using the Credentials Solutions option. (NOTE: ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU ARE ACCESSING FROM A .MIL NETWORK) Log in to AFVEC (Air Force Virtual Education Center)
-- Under Self Service click "CCAF Student Services"
-- Click "Transcripts"
-- Click "Order CCAF transcript"

Option 2: Free written request to CCAF

Written requests are processed in the order they are received. A written request is typically processed 10-15 days after we receive it. Please use the CCAF Transcript Ordering Form (link below); ensure you fill out all of the fields and sign with your physical signature. Digital signatures are not sufficient, nor do we accept requests via email. Incomplete or illegible requests will not be processed. Mail in Transcript Request Form

Option 3: First Class Mail and Overnight order through Credentials Solutions

NOTE: Please do NOT send any money to CCAF! Order from Credentials Solutions
This third party company handles our online ordering. You can order through their site at any time and can select delivery via first class mail or Federal Express service. The first class mail option starts at $2.25 and FedEx at $22.25. Tracking numbers are only offered when using the FedEx service. NOTE: Please do NOT send any money to CCAF!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These fees are not covered by the Air and Space Force.

Once your order is approved through Credentials, it is transmitted to CCAF electronically. Our staff will print and mail your transcripts. If you are experiencing issues after your order is approved through Credentials, please contact us directly at the numbers listed below.

If you need to include an attachment with your transcript (NursingCAS, SOPHAS, CASPA, AMCAS, LSAC, etc.); you will be asked to fax the attachment to our office after approval of your order through Credentials.

Order from Credentials Solutions

Option 4: View unofficial transcript

To view an unofficial transcript (available for Active Duty/Guard/Reserve only): 1. Access the Air Force Virtual Education Center through the Air Force1 Portal 2. Under the Self Service section select CCAF View Progress Report 3. In the Student Tools banner select "View My Unofficial Transcript" **Must be accessed from military network to view Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard personnel: Members of other services who have completed a Community College of the Air Force credit-awarding course and need a transcript must request enrollment. To do this, send your course completion certificate and the completed
Mail in Transcript Request Form to: CCAF/DESS
100 South Turner Boulevard
Maxwell AFB, Gunter-Annex, AL 36114-3011 Once received, we will enroll you in CCAF, add your credits for this training, and mail your transcript via USPS First Class mail. Please note we do not fax or email transcripts. Enrollment only needs to be requested once. After that, you’re in our system and you can use the normal transcript ordering options. Additional CCAF course completion certificates should be mailed to the above address. Sending a civilian transcript to CCAF CCAF will not accept transcripts marked "Issued to Student" or faxed/ unofficial copies. Additionally, transcripts are NOT acceptable from students, counselors, recruiters, or any other third party. CCAF accepts electronic transcripts sent directly from schools that subscribe to an electronic transcript delivery network. If your school requires an email address, use the following: ccaf.etranscript@us.af.mil CCAF also accepts paper transcripts from schools. Paper transcripts should be mailed by the schools to the following address: CCAF/DESS
100 South Turner Boulevard
Maxwell AFB, Gunter-Annex, AL 36114-3011 Questions regarding the above procedures can be directed to CCAF Student Services at (334) 649-5066 or DSN 749-5066.

CCAF Degree Nomination and Cut-off Date

Nominations and required documentation must be received at CCAF on or before the last Friday in February and August to be in the April and October graduating classes, respectively.  All documents and nominations received after those dates will be processed in the next graduating class.  CCAF diplomas are printed approximately the last week in April and October and mailed via USPS First-Class mail to Education and Training offices.


You can also contact CCAF at the following email address, depending on your question:

For questions regarding education services such as academic credits, send an email to: ccaf.edservices@us.af.mil 

For questions regarding transcript issues, send an email to: registrar.ccaf@us.af.mil 

For questions regarding AF Credentialing Opportunities Online (AFCOOL), please use your CAC to log into AFVEC AFCOOL.  

For questions regarding Certifications or Credentialing, request assistance through the Air University (AU) Service Desk at: https://auservicedesk.af.edu 

For questions regarding affiliated schools or CCAF instructors, send an email to: ccaf.fac@us.af.mil 

For questions regarding the AU-ABC or GEM programs, send an email to: ccaf.decm@us.af.mil


(New Account)

Welcome to Holloman! Thank you for reaching the Education Center, your request has been reviewed.1


Please create your AFVEC account at this link
Create New AFVEC Account, be sure to link your CAC card to your new AFVEC account and choose Holloman AFB. Feel free to initial your in-processing form with my initials NV.  Please reach out when you are ready to pursue your education.

CLEP/DSST Information:
CCAF Diploma Reprint or Stolen

Please reach out to Mr. Misener as he is the POC for CLEP/DSST Testing.

Any DSST exam requires is for the test taker to make a seat reservation at:



Reserve Your Seat: http://military.coastline.edu/NTC.

Register for CLEP exams at: https://clepportal.collegeboard.org/

Order CLEP/DSST Transcripts here: https://www.dantes.doded.mil/EducationPrograms/get-credit/creditexam.html#dsst-tab&dsst-tab-transcript

Go to: myhollomanlibrary.comhttps://www.dantes.doded.mil/EducationPrograms/get-credit/creditexam.html https://www.youtube.com/user/FreeClepPrep.

Or: https://www.learningexpresshub.com/ProductEngine/LELIndex.html#/learningexpresslibrary/libraryhome to access resources for your test prep needs!

Point of Contact for Testing:

Gary Misener

Coastline College and National Testing Center
Military Site Representative


Building 224 Room 227 Holloman AFB, NM

575-479-1045 office

575.921-9383 cell

Office Hours: Mon 08:00-12:00, Tues, Wed & Thurs 08:00-15:00, Fri 08:00-11:00


EXAM Reimbursement

Exam Reimbursement Center

Funding information

DANTES reimburses eligible Service members the test administration fee (only) for the following exams when meeting a Service or education requirement, when administered at National or International Test Centers. Service members must possess a valid, Geneva Conventions CAC ID with their affiliation identified as UNIFORMED SERVICES at the time of testing to qualify as “eligible.” A CAC-enable computer is required to access the electronic reimbursement request form which may not be submitted without including both required support documents.


GED*                          [1]  per lifetime                  

GRE revised General     [1] per lifetime                  


ACT (no writing)*              [2]  per lifetime                  

SAT (with optional essay)* [1] per lifetime               


GED, GRE, GMAT, Praxis, ACT and SAT products and service are not funded or reimbursed by DANTES.


Reimbursement Instructions


  • GED Score Report is available online approximately 2 days after testing.
  • Payment Receipt is available by request from GED.
  • Visit GED.com > My GED account


  • GMAT Official Score Report - Test Taker Copy is available online approximately 20 Calendar days after testing.
  • Payment Receipt is automatically emailed to the address on record.
  • Visit: www.mba.com >My Account


  • GRE - Exampinee Score Report is available online approximately 10-15 days after test date. GRE Subject Score Reparts are mailed aproximately 6 weeks after test date.
  • Payment Receipt is available by request from ETS.
  • Visist www.ets.org/gre > My GRE Account


  • Student ACT Score Report is available online approximately 3-8 weeks after testing.

  • Payment Receipt is available online and may be printed from the order detail.

  • Visit www.act.org > ACT Account


  • Student SAT Score Report is available online approximately 4-6 weeks after testing.

  • Payment Receipt is automatically emailed to the address on record.

  • Visit collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat > My SAT Account

Expect a DFAS disbursement action into your military pay bank account approximately 3 weeks AFTER receipt by DANTES.

  • Reimbursement action will not be reflected on your L.E.S.

  • Contact your bank representative to verify receipt of a disbursement action titled “DFAS VENDOR PAY” prior to contacting DANTES.

NOTE: Coast Guard members will receive reimbursement via a U.S. Treasury check sent to the mailing address provided in Section I, approximately 6 weeks AFTER receipt by DANTES.

Contact DANTES for assistance at exams@navy.mil

   Data Required by the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a) Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301    


Note: This Privacy Act Statement applies to all information on this form.

a.  PURPOSE: To authorize reimbursement of the GED, GRE General, GRE Subject, GMAT, Praxis Series, ACT and SAT exams administered at National and International Test Centers.

b.  ROUTINE USE: Use of the Social Security Number is necessary to make positive identification of an individual’s record.

c.  MANDATORY OR VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE AND RESULT OF FAILURE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION: Disclosure of all information, including Social Security Number is voluntary. Failure to provide all required information on the form will complicate, delay, or possibly prevent the administrative actions necessary for reimbursement.

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 4.19.12 PM.jpg
VA Top-Up

If you applied for VA Top Up, you will need to supply the proper documentation to the VA for payment. The Air Force does not submit this information to the VA. Visit
for more information and instructions on submitting your Top Up application.

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Transfer your

Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits

Interested in starting or transferring your Post 9/11/Montgomery GIBILL, you would have to contact the VA directly.
Please review the GIBILL information



Find out if you can transfer any of your unused Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits to your spouse or dependent children.


Note: The Department of Defense (DoD) decides whether you can transfer GI Bill benefits to your family.

Am I eligible to transfer benefits?

You may be eligible to transfer education benefits if you’re on active duty or in the Selected Reserve and you meet all of the requirements listed below.

All of these must be true:

• You've completed at least 6 years of service on the date your request is
approved, and

• You agree to add 4 more years of service, and

• The person getting benefits has enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility

Reporting System (DEERS).

<h5 class="font_5"> Who’s covered?</h5>

Qualified dependents

What benefits can my qualified dependents get?

If the DoD approves the Transfer of Entitlement (TOE), your spouse or dependent children can apply for up to 36 months of benefits, and may be able to get money for:

• Tuition

• Housing

• Books and supplies

When can they use the transferred benefits?

These conditions apply to family members using transferred benefits: Spouses

  • May use the benefit right away
  • May use the benefit while you’re on active duty or after you’ve separated from service
  • Don’t qualify for the monthly housing allowance while you’re on active duty
  • May use the benefit for up to 15 years after your separation from active dutyChildren
  • May start to use the benefit only after you’ve finished at least 10 years of service
  • May use the benefit while you’re on active duty or after you’ve separated from service
  • May not use the benefit until they’ve gotten a high school diploma (or equivalency certificate), or have reached 18 years of age
  • Qualify for the monthly housing allowance even when you’re on active duty
  • Don’t have to use the benefit within 15 years after your separation from active duty, but can’t use the benefit after they’ve turned 26 years old.
Your dependents may still qualify even if a child marries or you and your spouse divorce. However, service members and Veterans can revoke (cancel) or change a TOE at any time. If you want to totally revoke transferred benefits for a dependent and you’re still in the service, please turn in another transfer request for the dependent through milConnect. If a dependent’s transfer eligibility (ability to get a TOE) has been totally revoked, you can’t transfer benefits again to that dependent.

How do I transfer the benefit?

While you’re still on active duty, you’ll request to transfer, change, or revoke a Transfer of Entitlement (TOE) through milConnect. You can’t apply for a TOE through us.
Transfer, change, or revoke a TOE

If the DoD approves the TOE, your family members may apply for benefits.

  • Apply online now, or

  • Apply by mail. Fill out and mail an Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits (VA Form 22-1990E) to the nearest VA regional office.

Download VA Form 22-1990E (PDF)
Find your nearest VA regional office

Once you leave active duty, you can still provide a future effective date for when the TOE can be used, change the number of months transferred, or revoke the TOE by submitting a written request to VA through milConnect.


CareerPath Decide & Kuder Journey

DoD's Career Path DECIDE is designed to improve service members' access to information about civilian careers, their knowledge, skill, and ability gaps, as well as available education and professional development opportunities.



Holloman's Officer Commissioning Program

Mentors are:

Lt. John Wardean         Capt. Emily Lobacz


John.wardean@us.af.mil    emily.lobacz.1@us.af.mil


(575) 572-7540                (575) 572-2038

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 11.30.42 AM.jpg

Red Vector

The Air Force Installation & Mission Support (AFIMSC) and the AF/A1DI Total Force Development, in partnership with Enterprise Training Solutions, are pleased to announce the roll-out of the Air Force Installation & Mission Support Total Force eLearning using the RedVector® platform.  RedVector® is an e-learning resource with nearly 2,000 courses to meet job-mandated training requirements and maintain professional credentialing/licensing at low-cost to the Air Force. Courses can be accessed from home via PC, or mobile app, and without VPN access or a CAC card.


This program supports professional skill development, licensing & certification preparation, Continuous Learning Point (CLP) credit, and Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Professional Development Units (PDU) with “live webinars” that meet continuing education live class requirements for continuing education in the areas of Safety, Program Management, Environmental, Building & Design Codes, Project Management, Facilities, Contractor, Engineering, Architect, HVAC, LEED, Security and Investigation, NFPA 70E, OSHA (Authorized Training), ADA, RCRA, Contracting, Cyber Security, and more.


Participation is open to Total Force employee's (appropriated civilians, AFIMSC NAF, AD military, ANG, and AFR) seeking professional skill development, licensing & certification preparation, or in need of continuing education (CEU/CLE/CLP/PDH/PDU/etc.). 


Current and new students will receive an initial 10 hours of training. Once you complete the 10 hours you can request for additional hours by accessing the AFIMSC eLearning portal https://www.enterprisetraining.com/afimsc/ click on “Request Additional Hours”. Priority for additional hours is given to those in need of continuing education credits for Occupational Certification & Licensing, included in position description, or as a condition for continued employment.

You can always search the available courses before requesting enrollment by visiting https://afcec.redvector.com/lpe/course/search/b2b


For further information, please contact Mr. Félix Colón or Ms. Amber Treviño at AFIMSC.DPD@us.af.mil

Stack of Books



The Air University has begun its process of moving to the AU Help Desk database for support tracking and a better metric to provide faster customer service. 

The Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) Program and the Credentialing Programs Flight (DEAL) with the Community College of the Air Force will be changing our systems for managing day-to-day operations. Effective 1 May 2019, the AF COOL and CCAF/DEAL organizational boxes were taken off-line. In their place, you will request assistance through the Air University (AU) Service Desk.


Please view the YouTube link below for usage instructions.  

Please log on to the site @ https://auservicedesk.af.edu

use your email address as your user name and create a password. Select Student Request, CCAF Request, and use the inquiry type in the request drop down menu to select AF COOL or Professional Certifications.

Basic Airmen Eligibility Criteria

The AF COOL is a Total Force Enlisted program. It includes all enlisted AFSCs for RegAF, AFRES, ANG, and USSF. Funding will be provided for RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG members on Title 10 or Title 32 (502F) active duty orders. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per Air and Space professional.

Enlisted RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG component members participating in the Air Force COOL program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Possess a 5-skill level in their Primary Air Force Specialty Code

  • Do not have an UIF, are not on a Control Roster, and are current on their most recent Fitness test at the time of application

  • Have a profile in AFVEC with an approved credentialing goal

  • Must obtain supervisor approval and complete the entire credential while on active duty status

Although the AF COOL program has expanded to allow Air and Space professionals to obtain unlimited credentials and licenses with their $4,500 cap, eligible members may attain only one credential at a time per category, i.e., Primary AFSC/Leadership, at AF expense. The AF will pay for the exam(s), books (NTE $500), admin/application fees, and recertification fees necessary for that one credential. Once the credentialing goal has been approved by the supervisor and supporting documentation uploaded into the educational goal (itemized price quote, vendor approval template, application, etc.), the member must create a separate funding request for each item – exams and/or books – and ensure the request matches the provided price quote. Senior NCOs (E-7 through E-9) may also be eligible for leadership and management credentials. The AF COOL Program has also expanded to allow for one non-AFSC related credential and one completed degree-associated credential, bachelors or higher. If a member fails the non-AFSC credential, he/she will be required to repay the cost of the credential. However, the maximum allowable lifetime benefit per Air and Space professional is still $4,500. This includes Senior NCO leadership, non-AFSC, and degree-associated credentials, and any re-certifications (if applicable, and with certain restrictions). Some exams may be very expensive while others are relatively inexpensive. Regardless of the cost, Air and Space professionals may only complete one AFSC-related credential, non-AFSC credential, or degree-associated credential at a time and, if eligible, one leadership credential. (NOTE: Recertification costs are paid by AF COOL only if the initial certification was also paid for with AF COOL funding).

Air and Space professionals cannot choose another certification until their results for previously taken exam(s), pass or fail, have been submitted. It is imperative that members choose a credential wisely and prepare for the exam. Members who fail to submit their grades within 120 days of test completion may be responsible for recoupment of some or all funding. For more information, consult with your base Education and Training Office or AF COOL Credentialing Program Office.